Operating Committee

Robert Carpenter
Chair, Associate Provost for Analytics and Institutional Assessment; Professor of Economics

Delana Gregg
Operating Committee Vice-chair; Assistant Director, Learning Resources Center

Lee Hawthorne
former Director, Student Life 

Kathleen Hoffman
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Amanda Knapp
Chair, Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations; Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Standards and Policy Administration; Operating Committee Vice-chair

Benjamin Lowenthal
Associate Vice President, Financial Services

Antonio Moreira
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Constance Pierson
Chair, Study Group IV; Associate Vice Provost of Institutional Research, Analysis and Decision Support (IRADS)

Simon Stacey
Co-Chair, Study Group III; Interim Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education

Nico Washington
Co-Chair, Study Group II; Associate Provost for Financial Management