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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee has broad responsibility for the entire Self-Study process and the production of a process and document that is inclusive and representative of UMBC. This group of campus leadership will provide oversight and approval of the process at key points and ensure sufficient resources are available to complete the study. Steering Committee members represent the senior leadership on campus and are inclusive of our vice presidents and deans, faculty senate, non-exempt staff senate, professional staff senate, undergraduate and graduate student governments. A representative from the University System of Maryland Board of Regents also serves on this committee.

Operating Committee

The Operating Committee is advisory to the Self-Study Co-Chairs and to the Steering Committee. Its membership is smaller than the Steering Committee to allow for flexibility and easier coordination of activities.

Study Groups

The study groups are the backbone of the accreditation process. They provide a retrospective look at key areas of UMBC and assess how well it has achieved its mission and goals. The study groups are the analytical arms of the process, and through their work they provide evidence that supports their assessment of how well UMBC meets Middle States Characteristics of Excellence. They play a key role in helping to make a set of evidence-based recommendations to move UMBC forward. In conjunction with the development of the campus strategic plan, the Self-Study provides the campus with an opportunity to reflect upon the past, discuss opportunities for institutional improvement, and help guide us to ways to improve as we move into the future.