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Study Group Members

Study Group Focusing on Providing a Foundation for Effective Results: Planning, Budgeting, and Institutional Resources

Co-Chair, Lynne Schaeffer
Vice President, Administration and Finance

Co-Chair, Nico Washington
Associate Provost for Financial Management, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs

Kent Malwitz
President, UMBC Training Centers

Joyce Tenney
Associate Director, Library

Charlene Uhl
Director, Budget and Resource Analysis

Chris Steele
Senior Associate Vice Provost, Department of Professional Studies

Jim Milani
Director of Administrative Affairs, College of Engineering and Information Technology, Dean’s Office

Study Group Focusing on Assessing Results and Continuing the Development of a Formalized, Periodic, and Proactive Institutional Effectiveness Function

Co-Chair, Jack Suess
Vice President, Information Technology

Linda Baker
Professor, Department of Psychology

Ken Baron
Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Advising and Student Success, Office for Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Rachel Brewster
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Caroline Baker
Assistant Vice President, Careers & Corporate Partnerships

Study Group Focusing on Assessing Student Success and Learning Outcomes to Enhance Institutional Effectiveness

Co-chair, Diane Lee
Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Co-chair, Simon Stacey
Director, Honors College

John Fritz
Assistant Vice President, Instructional Technology and New Media

Linda Hodges
Director, Faculty Development Center

Jennifer Harrison
Assistant Director for Assessment, Faculty Development Center

Dan Ritschel
Professor, Department of History

John Stolle-Mcallister
Associate Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Jill Randles
Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Sayre Posey
Undergraduate Student

Study Group Demonstrating Compliance through Document Review

Chair, Connie Pierson
Associate Vice Provost, Institutional Research, Analysis and Decision Support

Advisor, Patrice McDermott
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Karen Mattingly
Coordinator of Special Projects, College of Engineering and Information Technology, Dean’s Office

Bridget Stone
Operations Coordinator, Professional Programs, Department of Professional Studies