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Fall 2013
  • Self Study Institute Orientation
Spring 2014
  • Institution chooses its self-study model (UMBC – selected topics)
  • Institution determines types of working groups that will be needed
  • Visit by MSCHE VP for preliminary discussion of Self-Study Design and Document Roadmap
Summer 2014
  • Proposed Self-Study Design Draft finalized, including draft research questions for study groups
  • MSCHE VP evaluates proposed Self-Study Design Draft and Document Roadmap Plan
Fall 2014
  • MSCHE VP conducts Self-Study preparation campus visit
  • MSCHE VP approves institution’s Self-Study Design
  • Study Groups convened
Spring 2015
  • UMBC Middle States Steering Committee oversees research and reporting by study groups
  • Working groups involve the community
  • Working groups submit reports
Spring – Summer 2015
  • UMBC Middle States Operating Committee receives drafts from Study Groups
  • UMBC Middle States Operating Committee develops a draft Self-Study report
  • UMBC Middle States Steering Committee Chair(s) & Members give feedback on Self-Study report draft
Fall 2015
  • MSCHE selects the external Evaluation Team Chair, and the institution approves the selection
  • Chair and institution select dates for External Evaluation Team visit and for the Chair’s preliminary visit
  • Institution sends a copy of the Self-Study Design to the Team Chair
  • Campus community reviews Self-Study report draft
  • Study Groups submit final reports
Spring 2016
  • External Evaluation team Chair reviews Self-Study report
  • Institution sends draft Self-Study report to Team Chair
  • Team chair makes preliminary visit at least four months prior to the External Evaluation Team visit
  • Institution prepares final version of the Self-Study report
Summer 2016
  • Institution sends final Self-Study report to External Evaluation Team and MSCHE six weeks prior to team visit in fall 2016
Fall 2016
  • External Evaluation Team campus visit
  • Institutions with a selected-topics self-study that elect to have a document review during the team visit: Conduct a concurrent document review
  • External Evaluation Team Report submitted
  • Institutional response
Spring 2017
  • MSCHE Committee on Evaluation reports meets
  • Final MSCHE action